Wellness Freedom

the reason we exist

Our Most Valuable Asset

health & wellness

“Health” is a basic human need and the most valuable possession in the world because it cannot be purchased with money. It will likely be impossible for you to play, enjoy, be independent, and take care of those who matter most to you without it.


how much is it worth to us?

We love beauty, so we spend so much time and money on our appearances.

We love our cars, so we send them for regular inspections.

We work hard, we play hard, but how much effort do we put into keeping our health in tip top shape?

Health . Life . Joy . Peace . Cheer . Hope

Making Wellness Freedom 

a reality

The AureliaCare solution allows those who value health and live well to achieve WELLNESS FREEDOM early on by generating health bonuses through easy personalized mobile therapy. We can then make life choices without being constrained by health and age concerns.

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