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Oct 22 before treatment
Nov 2022
Kwok Wing, CEO of Aureliacare

A housewife’s life is filled with cooking scalds and cuts. 30-minute treatment prevents blisters & scars, reduces redness, relieves pain & cools skin. Unlike other first aid products, yours is unique. Fast & effective!

Hot plate scalds
After 1 hour therapy
12 hours later
betty, Asstant sales Manager

AureliaCare caught my eye at a fair, and I wondered if it would fix my Taekwondo shoulder that’s been stiff and sore for years. It only took three times 30 minutes of treatment for my arm to be free to lift up, and it hasn’t rebounded after a month. Wow, this is amazing!

Having 2nd therapy
H. Chan, CEO

It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after using your product four times in two days – no more painkillers, no more tennis elbow troubles holding me back. Thank you very much!

Treating tennis elbow
Yin, Company Secretary

For 3 days, an accidently scalded wound remained open & wet. I applied ointment to the area, but it didn’t heal very fast. Just three treatments with the AureliaCare device makes the wound almost undetectable. Really surprised me!

3 days after scalding
After the 3rd therapy
Olivia, logistics officer

This device comes in handy whenever someone is burned, cut or hurt. A must-have for my shop.

A cut wound
After a 30-minute treatment
Alina, Shop owner

For the first time, I tried microcurrent and found different programs had different results. My ankle sprain healed much better with the second program. Still using it to relax my shoulder. Can’t wait for more features.

1 month after sprain
After 20 therapies
Da Da, factory owner

I got hit by a jet of water as I worked when a water pipe burst. The right side of my face was completely bruised. In about two weeks, I applied ointment, but it didn’t work well. My bruises and swelling disappeared fast after using AureliaCare device 5 days, so I’m convinced!

2 weeks after falling
After 5 therapies
Sam, Building cleaner

My hands were toast from all that guitar play. But guess what? Your product swooped in like a superhero. It zapped away the ache, giving me the freedom to rock out on my guitar without any trouble at all.

Regular wrist pain therapy
Gavin, Guitarist & Tutor

Definitely recommend this portable, user-friendly microcurrent treatment device. Over the past 3 years, it has helped me recover from daily training & races. Microcurrent sets it apart from other electric treatment devices.

Muscle relaxation
Felix, Entrepreneur & marathoner

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